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Breakwater Set

Something I was missing to give to the shores a more realistic look. You can
use this set to protect your harbours and seaports from the storms and windy
days. There are two sets included in this release. A Single tile set that allows
easy development of street transit enabled dikes. And a Modular set that allows
you to cover most of the shores (Diagonal pieces wont be developed for this
set). The Modular set can be called an advanced set and is placed inside the
water, allowing you the maximum utilization of the area.


There are only lots included in the set. This is not a
The Single Set includes two lots. The modular set includes five lots.


1. You will need to terraform your shores to use this set. The bank must be
fully orthogonal.
2. The shore height must be constant during all the bank stretch that will builded
3. If difficulties when ploping the lots are reported, IŽll post a small
tutorial about how to place the pieces correctly. Just PM if this is the case.

The included lots are

Single Set

JRJ Breakwater 3X
- The lot is one tile, transit enabled for
st??????reet. The model covers three tiles.
JRJ Breakwater End - Lighthouse
- This is the end piece for the Single transit enabled Set. It includes a small
lighthouse to help the ships its approach to the harbour/ seaport.

Modular Set

JRJ Breakwater Mod 1X - This is the basic piece for the breakwater
lots. It covers a single tile. It has to be place inside the water.
JRJ Breakwater Mod 3X - Same as above, but covering three
terrain tiles.
JRJ Breakwater Mod 1X Lighthouse - Same as first piece. It
includes a small lighthouse to help the ships its approach to the harbour/ seaport.
JRJ Breakwater Mod Inner Corner - This piece allows to cover
the squared inner corners. It must be placed inside the water.
JRJ Breakwater Mod Outer Corner- This piece allows to cover
the squared Outer corners. It must be placed inside the water.


1) Unzip folder "
" into
your plugins folder. There are three folders. You can remove the "Single"
or the "Modular" folder if you dont plan to use them, but dont delete
the "Common Props" folder.
2) Play the game and enjoy !!!

Plop cost=
Bulldoze cost = 5
Monthly cost = 5 (Only lighthouses)
Low wealth
The lots show up under the harbour menu almost at the end. After my Seawalls
V4 set ;-D

The lots have custom icons to make them easy to recognize in the menu.


The lots do have no dependancies at all. Everything is included ;-D.

You can see some examples on the use of those lots here.

You can post your comments/suggestions in my BAT
. Since I am quite new with the BAT, you will have to excuse some
minor graphic glitches that may occur. If there is some problem really important
while using those lots, just post it in that thread.

file actually needs the following Pack/s to work:

- VOL01

- VOL03

File updated
04/2008: Changed & added Dependency links


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