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Creator: cogeo Upload Date: 2007/08/18
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The Roadtop Mass-Transit pack, released more than one year ago, was quite a success.

It allows a very flexible configuration, with the props and textures being selectable by the player (by installing optional plugins). But along with this flexibility came also problems, with many players being unable to install the pack properly.

This pack contains the same basic features, but in installer format for easier installation. If you have already installed the pack, you don't need to download this.

This download contains three installers:
- The main installer: it installs the main RTMTV3 folder, selecting the desired options.
- A prop installer in a prop-family configuration (multiple busstop and subway models in the same city): contains a set of selected props (SimGoober's busstop shelters, McDrye's subways, two GLR shelters (short and long version) the small yellow phonebooth, timetable, no bus-sign). According to most players, these are the best looking models. You will need to install only one dependency, Suburban Bus Stop Set by SimGoober.
- A prop installer in a single-prop configuration (a single busstop and a single subway model used throughout your city): contains a set of selected props (TfL busstop shelter by Stirling1, London Underground subway by McDrye, one GLR shelter (short version), the red phonebooth, timetable, no bus-sign - actually the busstop model already contains a built-in bussign). This is the simplest possible installation and requires no external dependencies.

You will need to install the main installer plus one of the two prop installers.

Don't just click "Next>"..Next">", please read the information shown as well.

It is also possible to install one of the prop sets, and then modify the installation as needed (add, remove or replace props). If you have selected the prop-family set, you can add additional busstop and subway props (included in the original pack as well in the Add-Ins, released later).

It is strongly recommended that before plopping your first RTMT station you check the documentation for Tips and Workarounds. In the prop-families case, the game selects the props to be displayed randomly, but you can force the game select specific props (esp useful when plopping a bus stop, and you want the game to select two same busstop shelters).

Note: If you already have a RTMTV3 installation, it may be preferable to consider installing the ZIP Version instead. The documentation contains specific instructions on how to update an existing installation.


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