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Creator: cogeo Upload Date: 2007-08-18
Last Update: Never File Type: Gameplay
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The Roadtop Mass-Transit pack, released more than one year ago, was quite a success.

It allows a very flexible configuration, with the props and textures being selectable by the player (by installing optional plugins). But along with this flexibility came also problems, with many players being unable to install the pack properly.

This pack contains the same basic features, but in installer format for easier installation. If you have already installed the pack, you don't need to download this.

This download contains three installers:
- The main installer: it installs the main RTMTV3 folder, selecting the desired options.
- A prop installer in a prop-family configuration (multiple busstop and subway models in the same city): contains a set of selected props (SimGoober's busstop shelters, McDrye's subways, two GLR shelters (short and long version) the small yellow phonebooth, timetable, no bus-sign). According to most players, these are the best looking models. You will need to install only one dependency, Suburban Bus Stop Set by SimGoober.
- A prop installer in a single-prop configuration (a single busstop and a single subway model used throughout your city): contains a set of selected props (TfL busstop shelter by Stirling1, London Underground subway by McDrye, one GLR shelter (short version), the red phonebooth, timetable, no bus-sign - actually the busstop model already contains a built-in bussign). This is the simplest possible installation and requires no external dependencies.

You will need to install the main installer plus one of the two prop installers.

Don't just click "Next>"..Next">", please read the information shown as well.

It is also possible to install one of the prop sets, and then modify the installation as needed (add, remove or replace props). If you have selected the prop-family set, you can add additional busstop and subway props (included in the original pack as well in the Add-Ins, released later).

It is strongly recommended that before plopping your first RTMT station you check the documentation for Tips and Workarounds. In the prop-families case, the game selects the props to be displayed randomly, but you can force the game select specific props (esp useful when plopping a bus stop, and you want the game to select two same busstop shelters).

Note: If you already have a RTMTV3 installation, it may be preferable to consider installing the ZIP Version instead. The documentation contains specific instructions on how to update an existing installation.


gunkz32 great, thank you 2015‑11‑07
the one ok then 2014‑07‑24
Disasterjunkie Is there a difference btw the 3.0 and the 3.5? 2014‑07‑07
Disasterjunkie This was wicked. 2014‑03‑08
Bistro187 This Is Awesome! Thanx Alot 2013‑04‑30
miko116 I have a problem with this. It does not appear in my menus in-game. I have all the dependencies and yet it does not appear in my menus... help please. 2013‑01‑29
Thellanos98 sorry for my English, I am and I know Colombia very good English, I'm using google translator, what I need is to tell me I remove those boxes? DOWNLOAD NOW TELL ME EVERYTHING And still there HELP! BUT URGENT 2013‑01‑19
eatmyoreo Thanks 2012‑10‑28
grantbelle why do cardboard bosed show up in place of the stations 2012‑09‑16
xiangreek Hey, whatever happened to that mod that allowed bus stops at intersections? 2012‑07‑12
johspaasch@gmail.com In this version there are missing some props! If you wanna have all props I would recommend to take the .zip version. 2012‑04‑07
akhs Nice!!!!!!!!!!! 2012‑04‑05
jose78941 thank you very much 2012‑04‑04
mohamed2000 Hello, the link Suburban Bus Stop Set is broken, where i find this dependence? 2012‑02‑26
Cougar2004 I hear that people who get this file may also want the Roadtop Mass Transit V3.51 patch, and the new v3.60 addon. And some say a new version is coming out soon that is compatible with the NWM. 2012‑02‑20
FerC Thanks! 2012‑02‑09
harryloko20 Boxes, Whyyyyyyyyy? 2012‑01‑26
tarmiji thanks 2011‑12‑14
City Builder Lovely, ever since seeing somebody using this on a youtube video I've been dying to know what it was, now I know thanks to the youtube author and thanks to the author of this plugin for making it first and foremost. 2011‑11‑02
flucasg thankss 2011‑09‑07
bullmanuga I'm getting boxes with the bus stops. I downloaded and installed the SimGoober bus stop set but it still comes up as boxes. There is something on the edge of the tile, maybe a trashcan that is showing up as a box. 2011‑04‑10
melbournepar the bus shelters appear as boxes 2011‑03‑15
kooko565 thx nu hep geen boxen meer 2011‑03‑04
falcons2 Whenever i put a piece down, I just get huge boxes that don't go away 2011‑01‑05
umarizal One-way roads, after insert the bus stop, change direction on either side. This mess the city's transportation system. 2010‑12‑18
alexcheetah I installed this along with the family prop pack and I am getting boxes, any Ideas? 2010‑11‑16
A Nonny Moose Invaluable. I had a crash and lost this. I am lost without it. 2010‑10‑18
alnigseid thanks 2010‑03‑05
roni-m3 awsome 2009‑09‑21
Patroklos When I use the prop isntaller it says the program (install creator) is not registered and won't run. 2009‑08‑05
dickzheng Good!!! 2009‑06‑01
heitomat Never mind, I think I got the answer from the top right picture (am I right?). Gotta learn to study the pictures before asking.. c",) 2009‑05‑25
heitomat This is a great addition to the game. I have only one question: I use the SFBT Euro Road Texture. Do the road textures "convert" to standard (American textures) when you plop the stops? 2009‑05‑25
plutino The subway station never shows up on my streets, road, etc. The bus stops have no trouble show themselves, but subway is always missing, no matter a subway station by itself, or a combined station. Any ideas? 2009‑05‑13
cogeo I'm not developing RTMT any more. If you want to request features or ask questions I would suggest that you post at an appropriate thread in the RTMT forum (http://sc4devotion.com/forums/index.php?board=261.0). Version 4 is under development, by other members this time. 2009‑02‑13
majorjet are you thinking of doing a T-RAM station to go along with the latest NAM release? I love your work! Thanks! 2009‑02‑11
cogeo I don't understand what you mean, esp by "mass of note". Do you mean that the descriptions displayed are wrong, they are garbled or empty, or you just want English-only descriptions anyway? I would suggest that you post at this thread http://sc4devotion.com/forums/index.php?topic=1781.120 preferably with some ingame pics. 2009‑02‑10
shiweis I use chinese SC4, after installration of the Roadtop Mass Transit V3.50, it show a mass of note(description) in menu, I asked the problem in a bbs of SC4 in china ,they said it always like that. If the creater see this commment, i hope he can solved it. and the description is just english will be much better than mass of chinese. 2009‑02‑09
Kurozt Wow! 2008‑11‑16
bradford789 it keeps on crashing that game on me since i put this in the game what could be causing it to do that 2008‑05‑26
Stewey No road zots? The only zots that can come up is if you put them in front of a resedential zone, works fine in front of any other zone type. I mainly use the intersection bus stops from this pack because then I don't have to worry about my zones. By the way, thanks Cogeo for this superb mass transit pack, making the install version saves a lot of time. :) 2008‑05‑16
Mr_Pooter Are there still no-road zots?? I will not download it if there are. 2008‑01‑05
Meastro444 search for it on the plex then! 2007‑08‑19
BinariMan the dependency for this: Suburban Bus Stop Set; they are out of service in simtropolis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2007‑08‑19
Meastro444 YAHA, i was waiting for this, thank you Cogeo :smouch: 2007‑08‑18